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What Is A Webinar Series Vs And One-off Webinar

Are you planning to host a webinar? But are you confused about hosting a webinar series or hosting a one-time webinar? Are you analyzing the pros and cons of both? Are you confused between the two?

If your answer to the above-mentioned questions is yes, then calm down and relax. We are right here to get you out of this confusion. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the webinar series and a one-time webinar. Also, we’ll be discussing what exactly both these terms mean.

A webinar is a seminar or speaking event held virtually (online) and attended exclusively by an online audience. A webinar series is then more than one webinar on the same topic held either on the same day to mimic a conference style or weekly for a limited period to mimic a class or course.


In the times of this pandemic, everything is digital from school, college, office to everything else. There isn’t a single thing that is not being performed online. Zoom meetings, webinars, live classes are the only way we all are left with. Just because of the growing use of online ways to educate, inform, and learn, everyone, wishes to do better than normal.

So, you have organized a couple of webinars but you are not quite satisfied with the results. Does it ever happen to you? The experience of so many clients states that the webinar series is way better and effective than a time webinar.

Let’s first start with the webinar series, what exactly they are. Then we’ll move further to a time webinar.


What Is A Webinar Series?

Webinar series is just like the Netflix series, yes, they are, I am not kidding! Usually, the webinar series includes a lot of webinars regarding the same topic as well as the audience. The webinars are done back to back routinely in the webinar series.

In reality, a webinar series looks like this: A webinar of a certain topic is made and then it is divided into several different parts.

Each topic is assigned a particular time and a webinar event is made which then becomes a part of the webinar series.

Finally, a particular topic is explained thoroughly and diversely. In such a way, people are able to understand the topic that is being explained in a better way.

Basically, the webinar series is just like a whole book, and the webinar they contain is just a chapter. By learning each chapter or by watching each Webinar one can understand better and more clearly.

Moreover, the benefits of such attendees are so obvious, they get more informed and educated. In addition to this, using this approach a person can register once for a particular event, and then they’ll receive notifications about the same in the future.

But it can be a bit challenging for the organizers of the webinar series. Because they will have to spend more time and effort on it. Are they worth it? Are they really useful? For that, we need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

So, let’s first learn about the pros of the webinar series. They are as follows…


Pros Of Webinar Series

1. Loyal And Constant Audience

Webinar series are the easiest tools that assist in sharing practical ideas and information with the respective audience.

If a person organizes the webinars routinely, then they stay dedicated to the same topic they agreed upon. This way, the organizers are able to have a stable and constant audience.

It is only possible because of the webinar series that you’re able to make constant contact with the people around you. This way, you are able to form various groups of people around your company. Also, you’ll be able to gain lots of subscribers.

Not only this but also people will come and visit the event regularly and check your emails. Also, they can find your webinar series informative and will use your services and goods in the future.


2. Expert Status

You might even gain your status from being normal to an expert. By properly educating and informing the clients, and by offering them useful knowledge, you can become an expert in their eyes.

As we already know that people often believe in the experts, their values, and their opinions. In the same way, you’ll turn into an expert.

Also, one thing I am sure about is that most people use the services of experts. So who’s receiving all the benefits, you of course!

So, make sure to share all the useful information with your clients that they can apply in some specific situations to get the desired results.


3. Salesboost

It is comparatively convenient for the customers to give an order after some interactions on the webinar, this is proved by lots and lots of marketing experiments.

That’s why you must have patience, and you must not expect quick and immediate results after organizing a single webinar. Because the results require patience and the fruit of patience is always sweet.

In addition to this, the webinar series will assist you to get more close to the desired targets. For instance, deals paid and the orders placed.

In actual fact, you’ll always be the first in the eyes of your potential customers every time. Also, you can keep them engaged and interested because of their trust in you. Because surely, no one can buy anything and trust upon someone in just a single meeting.

So, the more webinars you organize, the more fame and reputation you’ll get.


4. Saving

Organizing a webinar series is so beneficial for you and your organization. The reason why it can be beneficial is not just because you’ll gain more potential customers and attendees but also there’s more to it.

In several cases, the price of the services of a webinar does not only rely on the number of events it organizes. That means you can organize the webinars every single day at no extra cost.


Cons Of The Webinar Series

1. More Efforts And Time Spent On The Organization

A webinar series asks for more effort and time. You’ll need to devote more time and your energy to organizing each and every webinar. So, if we compare the webinar series with a time webinar, then the webinar series eats up your time.

This happens because, in the webinar series, you’ll have to make a keynote, plan, and outline of the presentation for every single event. Not only this but also you’ll have to create invitations to invite the clients and to attract other people.

Also, to make the event smooth and good, you’ll need to distribute the authority and responsibility to other employees, freelancers, or colleagues. This process is quite hectic and time-consuming.


2. Reducing The Activity Of Attendees

What happens is that after the first Webinar, a lot of people become uninterested. This leads to a reduction in the number of attendees and clients. At last, you are left with just a few clients.

To avoid or ignore this, you need to properly and regularly remind all the customers about the webinar. Also, do not stop promoting it after the first event, that will be a big mistake, just keep promoting it till the very end.

In addition to this, you must focus on making your content better than before. Keep adding useful information gradually.


What Is A Webinar Or One-Off Webinar?

Now let’s come to know about a one-off webinar. Basically, it’s kind of a part of the webinar series.

One time or one-off webinar is an online event that is organized by an organization or a company to a selected group of people with the help of computers and the internet as well. It is often referred to by other names such as an online event, webcast, or web seminar.

Actually, in a webinar, the speaker or the organizer is supposed to share and educate the information by using various forms of media. The host can share information through web pages, videos, or any other multimedia with a wide variety of audiences.

Typically, the webinars have both visual as well as audio components. The visual part is shared through the internet browser. While the audio is broadcasted via the computer of the clients or through their mobile phones.

In addition to this, a one-off webinar also lets the organizer communicate and interact with the audience. Most importantly, the audience can ask their doubts and queries to the speaker at that exact time. Other than this, they can also send query emails.

But the one-off webinars don’t let the customer have the proper knowledge. Sometimes, the one-time webinars fail at fulfilling the motive. The reasons behind this are many.

Some of them are as follows:

  • They are organized in a hurry, they do not take much effort and time.
  • They fail at providing proper, precise, and clear information.
  • They don’t help in the growth and building of the organization.
  • They are not as organized and well maintained as the webinar series.



So here we go! We guess you are now fully clear about the webinar series and one-time webinars.

Also, you might have made up your mind to choose the webinar series as they’re better for growth!



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