Animal welfare through evidence based

knowledge and education

I believe that through knowledge and making evidence-informed decisions we can create better animal welfare and wellbeing for owners and veterinary professionals alike.

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Passionate to educate pet owners and veterinary professionals alike.

Here's how I try to do that:


I am a veterinarian who has experience in public speaking and organizing courses for other veterinarians.

I focus my talk on scientific evidens made concrete and easy to remember.

The Podcast

The aim for the podcast is to deliver expert knowledge to everybody in small animal practice with a focus on happy clients, healthy patients, and a fulfilled worklife.

The Websites

I build websites to share evidens based knowledge help owners with their most pressing questions.

Webinars Done For You

I build and organize webinars for organizations that seek to elevate the veterinary field. I provide the know-how, the technology, and an engaged audience - a push-button solution

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August 29, 2023


April 16, 2023


December 22, 2022


About Me.

Søren Drimer Pejstrup is a veterinarian who has worked in general practice, referral practice, and emergency care and also organizes courses for other veterinarians. Søren values high professional competence, trustworthiness, and respect in his work and aims to provide thorough, honest, and transparent care for pets and their owners.

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