About Soren Drimer Pejstrup and the webinars

My name is Søren Drimer Pejstrup and I am a veterinarian who has been working with family pets since graduating in 2008. I have worked in general practice, referral practice, and emergency care and also organize courses for other veterinarians to improve their skills.

I am passionate about providing high-quality and scientifically founded information about dogs and cats to improve their quality of life and make visits to the vet more effective and affordable. I created this website and blog to provide answers to frequently asked questions about pet health and treatment. In addition to my work as a veterinarian, I am also a husband and father to two active boys and enjoy running half marathons, working on my websites, and drawing in my free time.

I believe that high professional competence and a focus on continuous development are essential for providing the best possible care for pets. I also value honesty, integrity, and transparency in my work and aim to share what I know and admit when I don’t have all the answers.

My top priority is to always respect both the pets I treat and their owners and to provide care that benefits the pet first and foremost. I strive to always be thorough and do things properly from the start and on time and treat pets on their own terms.

In addition to my work as a veterinarian, I also have experience in public speaking and have organized and participated in numerous webinars and other events. I believe that sharing knowledge and expertise with others is an important part of professional development and growth.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to speak to and connect with audiences through webinars and other online platforms and hope to continue doing so in the future. Whether through my work at the clinic, on my websites and blogs, or in public speaking engagements, I am committed to helping people learn more about the health and well-being of their pets and to providing the best care possible.