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100 post-webinar survey questions (+ the 4 I use)

Here is a look at around 100 post-webinar survey questions that may help in evaluating your webinar once it has been conducted. While arranging for a webinar is the first step forward, we also should bear in mind that there needs to be the right follow up. This is possible only through the right feedback.

The feedback can be more structured based on it some actions can be taken.

The basic four webinar survey questions are:

  1. Quantitative: Make it easy to compare different webinars to each other. Ie. How well did you like this webinar and the process?
  2. Validating: Specific to an area you’re are improving on: Ie. How was your experience with the software/app?
  3. Qualitative: Catch everything you didn’t think of your self. Ie. What is one thing you would like to see improved?
  4. KPIs: Focused on a key success parameter. Ie. How likely are you to recommend a similar webinar to a friend?

So, without wasting any time, let us straight away get into the 100-plus possible post-webinar survey questions for the benefit of our readers and other stakeholders. We are sure it will be informative and knowledgeable to them in more ways than one.

You can consider these to be sample webinar survey questions. And be sure, once you are asking these questions, you are going to get some interesting answers and those answers would be going to help you in the future.



Quantitative questions let you measure the overall success of your webinar, and allow you to find hidden gems and areas for improvement.

  • What was the best thing you got out of this webinar?
  • How did you come to know about this event? It would be helpful if you could give specific details.
  • There were quite a few speakers. Do you remember any speaker and which speaker impressed you the most?
  • Can you please let us know as to which particular media platform would you prefer?
  • Can you cite a few reasons or at least one as to why you chose to take part in this event?
  • For the next webinar, is there any specific arrangement that you would like us to make or is everything fine?
  • Are the number of participants enough or should it be more or less?
  • How positively would you rate this webinar, (Bad, Average, Good, Very Good, Excellent)
  • Did any speaker speak too long or too little? Any suggestions regarding the time limit to be allotted to speakers.
  • Should the length of the webinar be increased or shortened?
  • Were the speakers able to keep the interest alive through the webinar?



Validating webinar survey questions tell you how well you’re doing in a specific area. You should always be improving, and adding a validation question, lets you know how well you’re doing.

  • Can you please let us know if you have attended such an event before and if yes, the date and time if possible?
  • Were you able to log into the webinar site easily or you found it tough, challenging and time-consuming?
  • In case such an event is held next time around in a brick and mortar environment, will you be ready to stay in any of the suggested hotels?
  • Will you be recommending our webinar to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues?
  • Did you find the timing of the webinar convenient?
  • Do you believe that we should have time slots on a given day?
  • Do you believe that the videos and other aids worked properly? Yes or No.
  • Will you be keen to contact any participant or speaker in the webinar? If yes, brief reasons for it
  • Will you be keen on joining the next webinar event?
  • How helpful was the webinar staff?
  • Have you attended any such webinars before?
  • If yes, how would you compare this webinar with the ones that you had attended earlier?
  • Was it a free seminar? Would you be willing to pay for such webinars going forward?
  • Would you like to be a volunteer or become a member of future webinars?
  • What was the reason that made you take part in this event?
  • Are there any topics that were missed out that you would like to cover in the next webinar?
  • Will you be sharing positive or negative feedback about this webinar with your friend?
  • If the time is held in different time zones, would you like one webinar, or should there be more than one?
  • If you are offered to work as a volunteer, organizer, or even a speaker for future webinars would you be interested? Yes or No
  • Did you have any objectives or expectations before attending the Webinar?
  • Do you believe that some or the entire objectives and expectations have been met after attending the webinar?
  • What are the areas of shortcomings that need to be addressed, if any with regard to expectations and objectives?
  • Would you recommend this webinar to your friend, or relative, or colleague as a speaker, volunteer, or as part of the organizing team?



Asking open-ended questions is important to catch feedback you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. It’s also scary to invite feedback like that, as you might discover that you’re not as awesome as you thought. I’ve tried this myself. But you don’t get better if you don’t ask, so gather the courage, and ask what the attendees thought in their own words.

You of course don’t want to ask so open-ended questions, that you cant use the answers in a constructive way.

  • Was the entire webinar informative or were there any portions that were confusing and hard to understand?
  • How would you rate the quality of the entire webinar on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being Poor, 2 being average, 3 being good, 4 being very good and 5 being excellent)
  • Were the speakers audible?
  • Did you have any technical issues when the webinar was going on?
  • Did you find the entire webinar structured well or do you feel there is room for improvement?
  • In case we hold a seminar in a brick and mortar environment, are there are food restrictions and allergies that you would like us to take note of?
  • Was the webinar conducted at the right pace, or was it too slow or too fast?
  • Is there anything qualitative that you were able to take away from the webinar?
  • Do you think that such webinars are required or you can do without them?
  • What are the suggested areas of improvement that you would recommend to us for future webinars?
  • Were there any issues with regard to technology, connectivity, internet and other such things?
  • Did you have any objectives before the start of the webinar?
  • Do you think the objectives were met in full or if not to what extent?
  • Did you find the pictures and video tools and aids of use?
  • How would you rate the use of technology? Is it good or there is room for improvement?
  • Did you find the networking tools useful?
  • Were the networking tools in line with your expectations?
  • How is your perception of the Company after the webinar?
  • Do you remember any product or service that has caught your attention in the webinar?
  • Any particular reason for not joining such webinars in the future?
  • How would you rate the overall organization of the event?
  • Did the organizers provide you with enough resource materials before the event?
  • Did the organizers give you enough time to go through the resource materials?
  • Were the resource materials easy to understand or did you find them difficult?
  • Was there a connection between the resource materials and the webinar subject?
  • Would you have been happy to receive somesample webinar survey questions before the event?
  • Do you have any specific suggestions and tips to give to make such seminar more effective and more participative?
  • Say a few things that you would not like to have in the future webinars?
  • Are there any changes to technology that you would suggest to make future webinars more impactful?
  • Do you think there should be a break between the webinar?
  • Do you think the webinar would have been more interesting with some entertainments in between?
  • Why do you think that this webinar was a better experience than brick and mortar seminars?
  • Why do you think that brick and mortar seminars are better when compared to this webinar?
  • Have you attended other such webinars on similar subjects?
  • If you attended such webinars how will you compare this webinar with the other ones?
  • How is our webinar better when compared to other such webinars? Are there are any positive takeaways or do you have anything negative to say about our webinar?
  • Do you have any specific areas where there is improvement possible?
  • Were the speakers conducting the webinar at the right pace or where they rushing through it?
  • Was the pace of the webinar uniform throughout or was it too fast and too slow?
  • Were the products and services explained properly in the webinar?
  • Are you satisfied with the mix of audio-visual tools and speeches or do you think there should be some changes?
  • Should there have been more product demos instead of speeches?
  • Was the webinar clearly visible and audible on computers, laptops and smart phones?
  • Was the webinar visible and audible completely in far flung areas?
  • Where there any issues with regard to internet connectivity?
  • Which part of the webinar did you like the most?
  • Which part of the webinar was not up to the mark in terms of speakers, content or any other attributes?
  • Did you like the venue, ambiance and the background of the place from where the webinar was conducted?
  • Do you think that the speakers were adequately qualified, experienced and trained to conduct the webinar?
  • Overall, are there any particular suggestions that could help in improving the overall quality of the webinar?
  • Do you think that there were enough knowledge inputs that you were able to take away from the webinar?
  • Did you face any technical glitch during the webinar, and did it impact the overall webinar?
  • Did you find the speakers courteous, well behaved and interactive or do you think there are some rooms for improvement?
  • Do you think that the webinar was able to enhance the moral and positive outlook of the employees and other stakeholders?
  • Do you feel that the webinar may have served better purpose if it was held in different languages?
  • Was the overall webinar speech, contents and presentations easy to understand or it could have been made easier?
  • Was the webinar broken into right capsules?
  • Do you believe that there should have been feedback after each module of capsules?
  • Is there any other suggestion that you might be ready to offer for increasing the overall interest levels of the webinar?
  • Was this the first such event you have attended?
  • If it s not the first, how is this webinar different from the other events that you may have attended?
  • Are you happy with the overall agenda that was circulated or there is room for improvement?
  • Are you satisfied the subject knowledge of the speakers or you have some issues with the speakers?
  • Was one speaker good enough for the entire event there should have been more in numbers?
  • Are you satisfied with the visuals before, during and after the webinar, or you believe that there is room for improvement
  • Where the number of participants in the webinar, too many or too little?
  • Were you allowed to record the webinar?If you were not allowed to record the webinar, do you believe it should have been allowed?
  • Are you satisfied with the overall security and safety attributes of the webinar or there are some loopholes that you would like to be addressed?



What gets measured, gets done, it has been said. Pick a few (not to many) key metrics that are important for you business an measure them. Sign-ups and sales can be measured automatically, but sometimes you need to ask a KPI-focued question in you webinar exit survey.

  • Any reasons as to why you attended the webinar?
  • What are your suggestions for further improving the webinar?
  • Do you remember any favorite moments during the webinar?
  • Do you remember any moments that were dull and boring during the webinar?
  • Did you find the various platforms interesting, easy to use or difficult?
  • If you were to suggest one area of improvement in the webinar, which one would it be?
  • Was the event interactive?
  • Do you think the webinar was fully dominated by the speakers?
  • Is there any way by which the webinar could be made more meaningful?
  • Was the event successful in meeting your objectives as an individual?
  • Was the event successful in meeting the objectives of the firm that you represented?
  • Are there are any highlights of the events that has caught your attention?
  • How much of an impact did the whole event have on the overall short term objectives of your business?
  • How much of an impact did the whole event have on the overall medium term objectives of your business?
  • How much of an impact did the whole event have on the overall long term objectives of your business?
  • If your employees were a part of the webinar, did it result in any value addition to them?
  • Will you be willing to sponsor your employees again for such webinars if they are held in the future?
  • How much of an impact will this webinar have on improving the overall productivity of your employees and other stakeholders?
  • Do you think the webinar is the right tool for meeting the objectives?
  • If this webinar was not able to meet all the objectives, what are the alternatives that you would like to suggest?


If your working with a webinar consultant they will probably have some ideas for you. If not, you can learn a lot from my checklist for webinar consultancy here…



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