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How to Make a Webinar without Registration?

A webinar has been proven to give great outcomes for several companies. What are webinars, and how companies benefit from using them? Several companies make use of these webinars to connect to new potential customers and let them know about their expertise. This promotes its launch, business, and develop their brand authority.

For existing customers, these webinars help onboarding and training them to add value. Who benefits from these webinars? Saas or B2B companies, small businesses, and bloggers get optimum benefits with a webinar to demonstrate their product and expertise. E-commerce businesses benefit through webinars for promoting and marketing their products.


Webinar – what is it?

Web seminar or webinar are workshops, presentations, or online hosted lectures making use of webinar software. These events are meant for business-related and other interactive sessions. They permit you to share your product or knowledge or service virtually online.

Online conferences and web presentations are an interactive form of authority and relationship building for marketing. They are also useful for internal meetings with the team remotely. Moreover, a webinar can be set up more conveniently as it is online. It can connect anyone from anywhere in the world with data access. Global and real-time meeting with more number of attendees can be done. The webinar can also be recorded and sent later.


Why do you need a webinar?

  • It assists you in list building and creating a database.
  • It establishes you in the industry as an expert. As you share your information and expertise online, it makes you trustworthy and reliable.
  • Recording webinars serve your content to be shared with a wider range of audience.
  • It assists your onboarding and training in a fun way.
  • This also provides you with several branding choices. This way, you can develop brand voice and awareness.
  • Qualify and reach a wide range of prospects.
  • Webinar generates potential leads and develops brand awareness.
  • Presents information and reaches more people in lesser time.
  • Webinars are cost-effective as compared to physical meetings. This will reduce travel costs, physical space, and other expenses.
  • Engages a wider audience with audio and video.
  • Streamlines your process of promotion and marketing.


Operation of webinars

A webinar will either have a single host or participants panel who shall do a live presentation. The event is for around half an hour to one hour. The attendees interact through messaging and chat whenever required. A majority of web seminars have less than 100 participants and some less than 50 attendees. They are usually free, but some are paid depending on the host and type of webinar.

You can obtain many leads for a well-promoted event. Paid webinars generally generate income for bloggers and also get them leads. Webinars are held to associate with business partners, prospects, customers, and employees. It is efficient and easy. Webinars make use of HD video, live polls, audio integration, and engage its participants from all over the world online.

Some of the leading webinar platforms in the current market are:

  • Demio
  • WebinarNinja
  • EasyWebinar
  • EverWebinar
  • ClickMeeting
  • WebinarJam
  • Adobe Connect
  • GoTo Webinar
  • Big Marker
  • Livestorm
  • ON24
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Cisco WebEX Events
  • TwentyThree


Some of the free platforms for conducting webinars are available. However, they are basic features and do not have all that you might need.

But, to start small, the following webinar platforms will work:

  1. Google Hangouts Meet – if you have the G-suite for Google mail, you can access this platform. It permits a meeting of up to 100 individuals. If you take a business plan, it accepts about 150 people. You also have an in-dial mobile number for individuals to use.
  2. Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch Live all operate similarly. There is no sign-up required. They also do offer any reminders and offers. However, you can reach thousands of individuals in one go and that too for free.


What are the factors to be considered when selecting a webinar platform?

  • Affordability
  • Usage
  • Reliability
  • Attendees’ number
  • Frequency of webinars
  • Branding


Features to look for:

  • Whiteboard
  • Call-in phone choices
  • Integrations
  • Calls to action
  • Recordings
  • Reeting analytics requirements
  • Replays
  • E-mail software integration
  • Calendar tools
  • CRM


How to make a webinar without registration?

Here, you will understand how to create as well as host a webinar. Online webinars connect customers, employees, and other prospects conveniently over a software platform.


Essential features of a webinar

  • Automation of e-mail – create email invitations, reminders, and confirmation with automated templates.
  • Custom branding – uploading webinar images, presentations, logos, and promotions of your brand.
  • Audience – engage your audience with q&a and polls.
  • Videos – HD videos and sharing
  • Webinar recording – sharing the recording with absentees and on video-sharing links.
  • Analytics – data to recognize potential customers and tracking the registrations.


The following steps are involved in creating and hosting a webinar:

Step 1: Select the time and date of the webinar

A webinar’s time and date have to be selected to schedule the webinar. This can be well planned with attendees invariant time zones. If it’s an event planned for the general audience, you could select a time and date accordingly to cover all the time zones. The promotions should be done accordingly.

Step 2: Select your topic for a webinar

The topic selected should be such that the guests are motivated, and your objective is also satisfied. Select the right title, topic, and format. It is very important to downsize the content to your aim of conducting the webinar. You have to present information in a time set of 30-60 minutes. The content drives the webinar.

Step 3: Branding customization

Select a webinar theme and then add a relevant image and logo for your landing webpage. Ensure the design speaks your brand and draws the online traffic to your brand.

Step 4: Create a webinar hashtag

Proper promotion results in a successful webinar. A hashtag can be created, and this is a good start. It gives the webinar social media exposure to a wider audience.

Step 5: Send out and promote the webinar invitations

Publicize and promote your webinar. Begin sending your invite to your email listing. Post the webinar invitation on your blog or website. Make use of hashtags when it comes to promoting on social media. Be creative and use different promotion methods online for drawing more traffic to the webinar.

Step 6: Develop the webinar content

Develop motivating, presentable, and engaging webinar content. The content can be presented through handouts, engaging slides, or polls. Be creative with your webinar content.

Step 7: Run a practice session

Get your webinar controls and audio comfortable to get the webinar to run smoothly. A practice run will ensure software use and the content presentation in control. A webinar should have a proper structure, interaction with participants, and follow up. In the end, a session of questions and answers is best. Feedback of customers can be taken as well for a later follow-up.

Step 8: Hosting the webinar

Host and record your webinar. Also, upload to sharing the video to your website afterwards. You or a qualified presenter can host. The person hosting the webinar should be confident in public speaking and also knowing the topic of the webinar. He or she should be able to answer customer’s queries and engage them efficiently.

You can select more than one presenter and have an assistant. If you have a live webinar, then a simulated session is best to get things on place. For a pre-recorded webinar, a storyboard should be created for efficient presentation.

Step 9: Follow up

Follow up your audience/participants post the webinar session. It is best to do so in a day’s timeframe—follow-up for any more requests or queries with the audience.

Step 10: Make your recording of the webinar available

In order to generate more leads, the recorded webinar should be published. This will broaden the audience’s reach. It will also draw more interest in the product, clarity in the information, about the service.


Summarized steps in making a webinar without registration

  • Start your free trial or log in as a guest.
  • Schedule using webinar button
  • Webinar details are specified such as the webinar description, title, time, time-zone, date and session type.
  • Once done, click on the schedule tab.
  • You can customize your settings for the webinar by editing.
  • A reminder set helps you to set up emails as reminders.
  • Host your webinar.
  • Record your webinar.
  • Follow up with the customers.


Some tips to creating and hosting a webinar

  • Webinar promotion should be early and frequently.
  • Create polls to engage the audience.
  • Go simulated live to avoid the unlikely and to get things in place.
  • Automated as much as you can.
  • Your recordings can be reused wherever possible.


Why you would consider registration anyways?

Registration for making a webinar is generally considered for getting advanced features of the platform. However, a webinar can be created without registration on basic webinar platforms.



A web seminar or webinar is an online presentation or conference for demonstrating your products, meetings and other purposes. Webinars are used for educational, to promote and demonstrate products, user onboarding and training. It is also for team meetings, list building, generating leads, customer retention and generating new customers efficiently.

The customers/audience/participants are engaged by the host through slideshows, polls, sharing, queries and discussion live. Creating a webinar can be done on various leading platforms with or without registration.

Webinars are the best way to connect to an online audience on a wide range and in a cost-efficient way.



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