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Webinar for Veterinarians: Pre-Anesthetic Stress and Anesthetic Quality

Date and time

Torsdag d. 27. april.

18.30 CEST

The One Key Takeaway

Enhance anesthesia care for stressed patients!
Learn about physiological effects of stress and anesthesia.

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ORION: sivp.dk/orion (can be changed if you wish)

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Helle Harding Poulsen
PhD, seniordyrlæge


18.30 – Kort introduktion

18.32 – Webinar
20.15 – Spørgsmål

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Exit Survey
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Responses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1selrykxg0QzbyKlAEvRg4qYCTc8Xt07Nj09YNMQZtyQ/edit?usp=sharing

The commonality in these responses is that the participants appreciated the webinar's focus on cases and practical, clinically relevant content. They also valued the expertise and presentation skills of the speakers, particularly Helle. Additionally, many respondents found the information provided to be useful, applicable to their work, and informative. There were also comments on the focus on patient safety and the usefulness of the pre-medication protocols discussed.

Some participants would have appreciated more concrete protocols, handouts or slides, and some expressed a desire for the webinar to be delivered in Danish instead of English. Some participants suggested sending out the slides or handouts before the webinar to allow for note-taking. Overall, many participants were satisfied with the webinar and did not have any suggestions for improvement.

New Ideas

(The idea here is to stop being "clever" and instead use the target audience's own language)

It seems that the biggest challenges in anesthesia in the clinic are related to managing stress and anxiety in patients, as well as tailoring anesthesia protocols to individual patients, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart or kidney problems. Other challenges include drug availability, communication and collaboration with colleagues, handling complications, and noise level in the clinic. There is also a desire for more flexibility in anesthesia protocols, while some express concerns about breaking old habits or being unsure about how to handle patients with abnormal vital signs during anesthesia. Finally, time management and coordinating the whole team are also cited as challenges.


  1. "Sedation Strategies for Nervous and Sick Cats"
  2. "Anesthesia in Limited Resource Settings: Addressing Drug Availability Challenges"
  3. "Effective Communication and Collaboration for Successful Anesthesia Plans"
  4. "Managing Anesthesia in Patients with Heart Conditions"
  5. "Optimizing Blood Pressure and Managing Side Effects in Anesthesia"
  6. "Individualizing Anesthesia Protocols for Stressed and Uncooperative Patients"