All you need to know when you’re going from startup-founder to being the CEO

Hi, my name is Søren. I’m a small animal vet from Denmark. I have a somewhat successful startup, but I’m struggling to make it grow.

I’m past the naming, logo design, proving a product, and getting first customers. Now I want to take the business to the next level.

The solution must be shifting myself out of the founder-doing-it-all-by-myself-role into the CEO position.

Even though I have a degree in veterinary science and a ton of experience in entrepreneurship and online marketing, I have no formal training in running a business.

If you like me want to learn, come along for the ride, and we’ll learn together, as I share my wins and mistakes along the way.


1. The Mindset-shift


2. Vision, mission, and goals – Keeping on track with your idea


3. KPIs – Keeping an eye on everything with our seeing every single thing

  1. How to calculate churn


4. Cash Flow – What does a CEO need to know about the company’s finances?

  1. How much cash should a company keep? – In this chapter, you’ll learn that having 3-6 times your monthly expenses worth of cash is a good level so you can handle downturns without too much lost opportunity cost.
  2. What is a good profit margin for… (ratio) bottom line
  3. How to use balance sheet in business
  4. Is a cash flow statement enough to tell whether a company is doing well?
  5. How to calculate the opportunity cost
  6. How to know/find/calculate my business monthly operating expenses


5. Communication

  1. Speaking
  2. Persuasion
  3. Negotiation


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