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As we stride into 2024, I'm excited to share that my portfolio is undergoing significant enhancements to bring more value, authority, and reach in the digital space. This evolution is a testament to my commitment to excellence and the dynamic nature of the work I do.

Reasonable effort has been given to ensure the accuracy of the information in this prospectus. All information has been given in good faith, but there likely are some inaccuracies. Buyer is responsible to verify all information relied on to make a purchasing decision. This sites are owned, operated by, and offered for sale by company "SpørgDyrlæ v/ Søren Drimer Pejstrup".

- Premium Domains -

Stand out with a premium brandable domain already indexed by Google. can a central hub for the secrets cat's behavior with expert insights, explore the essentials of feline nutrition for a healthier pet, and discover cutting-edge advances in veterinary care that are transforming lives.

$ 1,171   $ 800

Bundle price available. can a central hub for the delightful world of mini pigs with comprehensive care guides, nutrition tips tailored for tiny snouts, and breakthroughs in mini pig health and wellness that promise happier, healthier oinks and tail wags.

$ 1,375   $ 800

Bundle price available.

- Easy Starter Websites -

Skip the line and get a head start with a website out of the sand-box. is a website that focuses on providing information about various pop culture topics, historical events, and other subjects of interest. The site features articles on topics ranging from the details of specific movies, TV series, and characters, to developments in technology and other fields.

STARTER SITE in entertainment and history niches

LOW-HANGING FRUIT: Affiliate, E-A-T work, huge monetization potential (entertainment) (ticket sales and bookings)

TRAFFIC: Organic search exclusively, most from the US


Ezoic Ads (Adsense Approved)


Site Established: January 2022
Published Posts: 27
Platform: WordPress is a veterinary approved blog in the pet's niche. Focusing solely on one specific chronic illness.

Owners will have lifelong demand for help and target products in this niche.

STARTER SITE in the pets niche

LOW-HANGING FRUIT: Affiliate, E-A-T work, obvious digital product options, product dens market, huge monetization potential

TRAFFIC: Organic search exclusively, most from the US


Ezoic Ads (Adsense Approved). Affiliate


Site Established: January 2022
Published Posts: 77
Platform: WordPress 


  • Premium Domain
  • Logo
  • All Graphics and Photos
  • Keywords Research Spreadsheet


Site was hit by the 2023 HCU. is a website dedicated to the care and companionship of cockatiels. It's a passion project created by Tim and his cockatiel, Ellie. The website offers a wealth of information for cockatiel owners and enthusiasts, including insights into the birds' behaviors, dietary needs, health, and general care.

STARTER SITE in the pets niche

LOW-HANGING FRUIT: Affiliate, E-A-T work, obvious digital product options.

TRAFFIC: Organic search exclusively


Not Yet


Site Established: January 2023
Published Posts: 102
Platform: WordPress 

- this site has been sold -

SuccessIn___ ___

Site Established: January 2018

Site on professional development in the veterinary field with the aim of becoming an authority in the space. This include topics like career advice for veterinarians and veterinary technicians, information on starting and running a veterinary practice, and other related content.


One of the key advantages of partnering with me is the opportunity to leverage an already established website. This means you're not starting from scratch; you're stepping onto a platform that's primed for success and visibility. It's the perfect launchpad for your projects, ensuring a swift and impactful entry into the market

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