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What Role Does The Agenda Play in a Webinar

A webinar is a seminar or a conference conducted online which connects people all around the world. In today’s world webinars, webcasts, web-meetings and web events have become very popular. The online events are generally hosted by companies and organizations to accommodate a bulk of people in a single seminar.

Unlike webcasts, webinars are live and allow viewers to ask questions and answers. It is an effective way of two-way communication where receiving and sharing of information is super fast.

The role an agenda play in a webinar is to let all of the attendees know what will be covered and when, and how much time they need to commit. An agenda also gives an overview to help with the learning of the content.

The agenda of a webinar generally refers to a set or list of activities that are to be done or talked about in the seminar. Webinar agenda allows its viewers to get an idea of the topics and contents that are going to be discussed in the webinar. The agenda of a seminar is decided prior to the seminar and works as a guide to the host conducting the seminar.

The agenda of the webinar depends on the webinar and is never the same. The agenda of an educational webinar wound have different points and the agenda of a marketing webinar would have different points.

The general webinar agenda would look something like this:

Pre-party15 min. prior to the set start timeJust “hanging out” confirming people are in the right place and answering technical questions.
Introduction1 – 2 min starting at the exact scheduled time3 sentence short statement on what attendees can expect to learn and what they get if they stick around for the whole webinar.
Main content35 – 60 min.The main segment where you give your audience as much value as possible.
Break-out room12 min.

+ 5 – 10 min

The use of break-out rooms or round-table discussions is fairly new in webinars. This is where small groups of attendees are asked to discuss a certain element of the main presentation. If you use this element, make sure to come back to the main presenter to tie things together and sum up.
Short sales pitch10 min.Your short sales pitch can go as long as 15 min, but if it does it must be highly engaging. Usually, you would want to keep it short with a focus on how easy the attendees life will be if they become clients of yours.
QnA10 – 20 minThe length of this segment obviously depends on the number of questions.
Long sales pitchOh, and one more thing…

In this sales segment, you can basically go as long as you want. It doesn’t matter if people leave or not. They have seen you, your content, and heard your main sales pitch. You can show extra features, case studies or just talk about your self – just make sure it’s clear that the main presentation is over and it’s okay for people to leave if they want.


Objective Of Webinar Agenda

  • Webinar agendas are generally posted on the registration pages of the webinar which allows the views to see and know the topics of discussions. This displayed agenda then encourages views to join the webinar.
  • The main aim of webinars is to target the correct set of audience. Displaying the agenda of a webinar also helps in cutting down the audience who are looking for other points of discussions. Only the set of audience who are really interested in the seminar topics signs up.
  • One of the main aims of the host conducting the webinar is not to offend any viewer. This means there can be times when a particular member is seeking some other related topic to be discussed in the webinar. So displaying the agenda will help viewers to get a clear view of the exact topics that are to be discussed in this seminar. Hence it helps in retaining the audience and not offending them.
  • Webinars are conducted all over the world for people to sign up and be a part of. However, it is very important to know that in today’s world 80% of people are busy with their own lives and do not have time to attend webinars because of their busy schedules. So, when the agenda is displayed, particular topics can attract a very busy audience to join the seminar.
  • The list of agenda helps the audience to think about the topics prior to the webinar. This also helps in building excitement, creates anticipation and interest in the webinar and particular topics. There can be topics that the audience is waiting to be discussed. This also helps in increasing the attendance percentage of the webinar. Not only this but the webinar agenda also helps the audience to get answers that they are searching for.
  • As we all know, that first impression is the last impression; a well designed and neat webinar agenda looks professional and also beautiful. Audiences that come across a well-organised webinar agenda will have a good feeling about the webinar and also about the organisation.
  • The webinar agenda when written down also helps the host or the person taking the webinar and helps as a guide for the seminar. With the help of this agenda, the host has a clear idea of what topic he/she needs to talk to next. Hence, it reminds every personnel working on the success of the webinar of their duties, responsibilities and what is to be done next.


Considerations For Different Types Of Webinar And Their Agenda

1. Educational Webinar

Educational webinar or eLearning webinars are a very effective way of online education. Educational webinars consist of programs, lessons, lectures, doubt clearing sessions and also workshops for all age groups. Not only this but schools have started conducting parent-teacher meetings, prize distribution ceremonies and also children’s day celebrations with the help of webinars.

Webinar agenda for educational webinars and learning programs are different from that of the others. Webinar agenda for learning webinars display the course of topics to be discussed in the webinar so that the parents and students can have prior knowledge of what their ward is going to learn today. This also allows senior students to research particular topics that are going to be discussed in the webinar so that there is two-way communication and not one-way communication.


2. Employee Training Webinar

Employee training is a very important aspect when recruiting fresh recruits for any particular job. Joining a new job without proper training and knowledge of certain protocols maintained by the company or organisation becomes very difficult for both the company and the employee. 98% of companies use webinars for employee training purposes.

It is said that the learning process is faster when it is visual. Companies normally show videos of training employees which helps them learn and understand the protocols better. Webinar agenda for employee training displays the topics of training, types of training, problem-solving and also case studies.

As the webinar is a live process the host is always ready to clear doubts for all the employees. There are times when a lot of new recruits come from different parts of the world in bulk. In this case, it becomes very difficult for the company or organisation to accommodate every single trainee and employee in one single place for a training seminar. Hence, webinars are convenient and cost-effective in case of employee training programmes.


3. Corporate Communication Webinar

Conducting corporate seminars have become very easy in the last decade with the help of webinars. This is because the organisation or company can accommodate every employee from every part of the world in one single webinar at the same time. Not only this but product approvals and promotions can also be done with every employee at the same time. Liking and disliking of the product change to be made and approvals from the authorities are done in the same place.

It is also easy for every individual employee to attend these webinars as they can sit at home and work at ease with the optimum level of comfort. Webinar agenda in corporate communication webinars display every detail of what the webinar is about.

Similarly, if an employee feels that the webinar topic does not fall under his/her department he/she can simply not attend that particular webinar. This will save time and energy at the same time. Webinar agenda also helps the audience to know about the product promotions and topics of discussion. In case the employee has pending work to be done on any topic that has to be discussed in the particular webinar he/she can work themselves out prior to the webinar to avoid stressed situations.


4. Advertising Webinar

Branding and advertising have become very difficult in today’s busy world as nobody really watches the television today and ends up buying products from retail shops that do not provide the required properties that are demanded by the customer. Advertising webinars have become very famous as customers can go and check on the particular websites of the company regarding preferred products.

Webinar agenda plays a vital role in advertising webinar as customers get a clear view of the product details and can come up with questions regarding products they prefer and want to know more about. There can be times when customers want to have the knowledge of the preferred skin type of the product (in the case of skincare products) before they use it.

The webinar agenda also helps in enlightening the customers about products that are going to be discussed in the webinar. Accordingly, the customers can join or refrain from joining the webinar according to their needs.


The future of personal bulk communication.

Webinars are the future of bulk communication. In today’s world where people do not have time, webinars are the best way of communication with a large number of audience. Not only this it makes it more effective as the audience can clear doubts and ask questions to the host in order to know more about the particular topic, course or product. It is very essential to design a beautiful and neat looking webinar agenda as it attracts all types of audience.

The webinar agenda helps the audience in knowing the exact details of the webinar and also gives more information. It also allows the audience to have a clear idea of what the webinar is about.

Webinar agenda also narrows down the types of audience and enables them to know the topics and leave if they don’t find it relevant or interesting.

Moreover, a webinar agenda works as a content page for the webinar giving the gist of the particular webinar. This webinar agenda can be displayed on the registration page or waiting rooms for the webinar where people can read it while waiting to be included in the webinar.

The only reason for a webinar agenda is for people to read and understand the reason and meaning of the webinar.



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